Daniela Cordoba

Founder and Lead Attorney
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Daniela Cordoba stands out as a distinguished legal professional, harnessing her extensive expertise in immigration and commercial law to provide invaluable assistance to a diverse array of individuals and businesses navigating the intricate legal landscape of Colombia. With a remarkable career spanning over a decade, Daniela's unwavering commitment to her clients has solidified her reputation as one of the foremost immigration attorneys in the entire country.

Prior to establishing Colombian Visa Services, Daniela Cordoba honed her legal acumen while serving as in-house counsel for some of Colombia's most prestigious law firms. Among her notable assignments was a tenure at Lifeafar, a distinguished boutique private equity and asset management firm. Lifeafar Capital specializes in the acquisition and development of exclusive, tailor-made luxury hospitality concepts within the realms of multi-family and mixed-use real estate.

Daniela has a wealth of knowledge in both immigration, real estate, and customs & international trade law.

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